New U.S. Chaos Shirts are In!

U.S. Chaos Street Punk Shirt

U.S. Chaos has been around 40 years, they were the first Punk group to play the style, THE FIRST Got it? Undisputed. It’s NOT street punk. So we’ll just throw that in for – all the young punks, it just sounds good. They don’t need a title to sound better they’ve held their own forever.…

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On The Record With

US Chaos By Jillian Abbene SugarBuzz Magazine Let Me Introduce To You… I don’t think many speculated that US Chaos would resurrect after finally disbanding in 2005. Their songs are more fitting today than in 1981, where they played their first gig at Aldo’s Hidaway in Lindhurst, NJ. Leafing through their lyrics, I now refresh…

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1996’s New Dawn in the 21st Century

Marty Munsch, of Punk Rock Records fame

From Punk Muzik Some punk bands age better than others. That’s just life. So when looking back at the groups that one was weaned on, it’s important to recall that all of this music was at one time interpreted through the lens of those wide, wide teenage eyes. I don’t mean to intimate that youngsters…

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New Jersey Punk Pioneers on Facebook

#newjerseypunkpioneers #NJPP

(Offical Gateway to Private New Jersey Punk Pioneers Group) Anything New Jersey that had and has to do with our beloved punk rock. Show listings, Underground, basement, big and small venues. You think were a minority? Think again. We’ve created and or influenced everything you follow in mainstream music; all of it. Were also tied…

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