U.S. Chaos Live Gig Dates 2022

U.S. Chaos
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*All dates and time information Subject to change.

May 28, 2022 (2 Sets, 2 U.S. Chaos Lineups) Tierenys – Montclair, New Jersey PM Show (Map) Sold Out

June 25, 2022 The SaintAsbury Park, New Jersey (U.S. Chaos, Candy Cavity, Six To eight Mathematics, Kojak Moment) 07:00 PM Show

July 09, 2022 Dingbats – Clifton, New Jersey Corrected Date (U.S. Chaos with Fear Gods, Off My Meds, Riverside Odds) PM Show (Map) (Tickets)

August 06, Jimmys Bar – Kearney, New Jersey – 7:00 PM Show (Map)

August 27, Hostile City Oi! Council Presents: U.S. Chaos, Fear Gods, Street Vengeance (Members of Pure Hell), Hub City Stompers, Vile Enemy. The Fire, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 07:00 PM Show (Map)

May 28, 2022 Thank You! Tierenys – Montclair, New Jersey with another U.S. Chaos Show Sold Out Again!
Video Courtesy Backstage Chronicles III Live & Raw
U.S. Chaos Eye For An Eye B/w Suicide Single 45
Remaster released to the day 5-28-2022 (Orig. 1984)
Remastered HD “We’ve Got The Weapons
release online scheduled June 2022 on
Punk Rock Records.

U.S. Chaos / Fear Gods Split 45 RPM Due Soon!

Photo Quality gig flyers and merchandise available at the show!

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